Monday, July 8, 2013

And then...

Left work late. Car parked in rape dungeon garage basement. Ran full speed from elevator to car, flung open the door, and scrambled in like a child being chased by the boogie man. Locked doors and checked back seat. One major benefit to having two ginormous car seats back there is that there is very little room for serial killers to lie in wait.

Then, fueled by excess adrenaline, caffeine, a rare sense of accomplishment, and an even rarer lack of traffic, blasted music [electric guest & alt j], drove too fast, and laughed hysterically about the 13 most random thoughts that have occurred to me since 1997. 

Got home. Forgot we were out of milk. Went to CVS. Not recommended at 10:30pm (unless you are doing anthropological/psychological research). 

Goodnight :) 

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