Wednesday, September 11, 2013

you guys would tell me if i was dead, right??

DM was Jack's favorite pretty much from birth, but until just recently, I was Colby's numero uno. however, over the past couple of weeks, she has latched onto daddy like a koala bear and she won't let go. Could be because he is powerless to say no when she asks him to pick her up, which happens approximately 97,000 times per day. C: PEEEESE?! [arms reached upward, curls bouncing, eyelashes batting, grinning that crazy dimpled grin.] DM: Okayyyyy.
Anyway, last night, she was looking at pictures on my phone and wherever there were pictures of all four of us she would say, "DADDY!" and point at DM, and then "BRUDDER!" and point out Jack, but made no mention of me. She did this four or five times. I finally looked over at DM and I was like, "Is this like that M. Night Shamalan movie where I'm dead but I don't know it?!" DM joked, "Oh kids, I sure do miss your mother. I really wish she was here with us today." Next thing I know, I look over and Colby is pointing to this and saying, "WHAS DIS ONE?"
OMG! The timing was impeccable. I will say that she wasn't browsing the internet for urns or anything, I actually had this in the photos on my phone because a friend had pointed out that they sell urns and coffins on and I had saved the picture because I knew there'd be a way to work it into a blog post someday. And here we are!

My favorite part is that it comes with a little "pocket urn", you know, in case you need your loved one's ashes in travel size [?] Or, maybe you'd prefer a necklace made from you loved one's cremains? I mean, who doesn't love diamonds?!


  1. LMAO! this is hilarious! Being a single mom, I have wondered for years why my kids behave for their it because of his size or inflection in his voice? I have to go bat-shit crazy for my kids to do/or not do what they are supposed to....and then I'm the crazy one!