Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dah Incredibow Huck

Our Jackaroo spent all weekend asserting that The Incredible Hulk is not, in fact, a superhero. (Or, as his sister refers to it, Dah Incredibow Huck.) DM tried to show him the error of his ways but at some point realized the futility of arguing with a 4 year old. On Monday morning, we come to find out that he was just laying the groundwork for "The Ask" - bringing his Incredible Hulk water bottle to the superhero Nazi preschool. The Incredible Hulk is not a superhero, ipso facto, no rules are violated by bringing the Hulk water bottle to school. Of course DM loves any excuse to "stick it to the man, " even in the form of a superhero lunchbox sortie. So he dutifully packed the not-so-jolly green giant. And, apparently, at school, Jack made an impassioned plea on Dah Huck's behalf, with a well-reasoned, multi-pronged argument that would've made his lawyer parents proud. Still, at pickup, Mom got a friendly reminder re: preschool paladin protocol. Jack was undeterred, though. On the way home from school he says, "Well, Mommy. Darf Vadah is definitely NOT a supah hewo."
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