Tuesday, September 23, 2014

fruit snack fascists

The preschool continues its totalitarian regime. No sugar. No superheroes. No peanuts. No fruit snacks. No fun. On the upside, at least the kids are getting a decent feel for life as an adult.

I was super crabby Friday when this happened so I thought maybe that had colored my feelings on the matter, but no. I'm still annoyed.

We give the kids fruit snacks in their lunch boxes once a week. On Fridays. As a special treat. Jack knows that the fruit snacks (and anything else in his lunch box that constitutes a "treat") are to be consumed after he has eaten the rest of his lunch. His little sister is still learning the parameters of this rule but she's getting the hang of it. 

On Friday, I get an email from the teacher telling me please don't pack fruit snacks in Colby's lunch box anymore. The teacher is generally quite nice, by the way. I don't mean to direct the entirety of my irritation at her. I would bet good money that she is just passing bullheaded bento law down from the higher ups. But. Not only did she call the kibosh on future fruit snacks, she snatched the pack of snacks from my poor girl's hands and wouldn't let her have them at all. Like stealing candy from a baby! Literally!

I'm sorry. Somebody set me straight. Maybe this is the lawyer in me, but... Where do you get off? A moratorium on nuts? Fine. I certainly don't want to be responsible for some poor kid going into anaphylactic shock because I couldn't take the time to sub in some Sun Butter for my beloved Skippy. But is it really any of your business if I want my children to eat fruit snacks for lunch? I mean, look. I appreciate your efforts. And I get it. In loco parentis and all that. I'm sure it doesn't make your job any easier if your students' lunches are packed with junk and, as a result, they are extra grumpy or bouncing off the walls or whatever. And that sucks. I certainly don't envy the work that you do, and the ways in which us parents make it more difficult.

But honestly, I don't think its your prerogative to intervene, even if I want to send my kid to school with a freakin' Butterfinger burrito. That's not what's happening here though. I mean. I painstakingly crafted these homemade fruit snacks from organic cane juice and raw fruit. Or maybe I bought Ninja Turtle and Disney Princess high fructose fruit bombs from Target. I forget. In any event. It's once a flippin' week as part of an otherwise balanced and nutritious meal. And now suddenly you're the overlord of fruit snacks and happiness? Do you just want to pack my kids' lunches for me? Because I think that would probably be easier for everyone.

Seriously. Am I "That Mom"? Or is it time to find a new preschool? [< Empty threat.]

hahahhaha. yeah right. 

i appreciate the honesty

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