Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Infrequently Asked Questions

Yesterday, my blogger buddy Brandyn Blaze of Life, Motherhood and the Pursuit of Happiness tagged me in a Q&A waterfall, and even though I sort of feel like my third grade self passing on a chain letter, I decided to take the bait. The questions posed to me were as follows:

1. What made you decide to get into blogging?

People were getting really tired of the novellas I would write as Facebook status updates.

2. How has it impacted your life?

I'm a little insane in the membrane. Blogging can be a great outlet, and a way to wrestle with the myriad questions and concerns that plague me from day to day, from the existential to the mundane. (Incidentally, check out this post on, "I'm a Mommy Blogger and Proud Of It.") On the other hand, it definitely gives me performance anxiety (I'm at my least funny when I'm trying to be funny), and sometimes it feels like an obligation more than anything else. An obligation to whom, I'm not sure, because I usually feel like, aside from DM and my cousin F and my friend Claire, I am mostly just talking to the air.

3. How do you manage to work blogging into your schedule?

Generally when a seed for a blog post pops into the soggy soil of my brain matter, I feel like I have to write about it RIGHT NOW. I spend a lot of my commute to and from work formulating what I am going to say, and then I usually just barf it out into Blogger in one fell swoop during a bout of insomnia or when the food truck is taking its sweet ass time growing the organic, fair-trade quinoa for my "anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, but may make you a bigger a-hole" salad. Then I sit on it for a few days, set it to auto-post, and notice five typos the second after it's published.

4. What's your favorite non-blogging "me-time" activity?

Reading in bed. Well, preferably on a beach in the sun with a frosty adult beverage within arm's reach but in bed is a close, and more easily attainable second.

5. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? (Could be a profession, an inanimate object, an's the limit!)

A baby hedgehog. So hot right now. Preferably not one used for animal testing, or given to Chucky as a Christmas present.


So there you have it, Ms. Brandyn B ;) You are one of the few bloggy folks I actually interact with on occasion, so this is kind of a stab in the dark, but I'm going to tag Ashley of Pink Sky Serendipity, Julie of Next Life No Kids, Annie of Swirleytime, and Diane of Chaos in Motion. No pressure. You certainly don't have to make a whole blog post about it, but I am a sucker for a good survey a la Myspace circa 2004. If anyone else is feeling inspired, please feel free to chime in, in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter, or you could write me a letter. As my little bro used to say, "Pick do you choose?" Here's the next set of questions. I'll go first.

1. If you had to listen to a song on repeat all day today, which would you choose?

I was going to say Budapest by George Ezra but then I listened to it on repeat while I wrote this and it started to bother me so now I'm revising. Between the Bars by Elliot Smith, because we just watched some movie where they mentioned it which led to a personal Elliot Smith renaissance of sorts. I love/hate questions like this because I have a new favorite every other day, which is why I narrowed the applicable time frame.

2. If you wrote a book on parenting (that evil genre), what would the title be?

"Downward Facing Dong" (Copyright, Trademark, All Rights Reserved). Could also be a budget yoga porn flick. (Is there any other kind?)

3. What is your spirit animal?

That or a grilled cheese sandwich.
4. What are three of your favorite words?

Haberdashery. Persnickety. Rapscallion.

5. Disneyland - Yay or Nay?

Hell to the freakin' Yes. Just don't tell my kids I went without them.

Tag! You're it.

Little did you know this was an application for friendship. The position is still open ;)


  1. Thank you for taking me up on this challenge!

    I would totally prefer to do my reading on a sunny beach with an adult beverage as well, maybe we should plan a trip together. We can tell people it's a highly exclusive blog conference and make all our friends think we're moving up in the world. :-)

  2. Haha. Love this post. Grilled cheese sandwich would totally be an excellent spirit animal. Speaking of, I had grilled cheese sandwiches (yes, plural... I'm currently 9 months knocked up) and tomato soup for dinner last night, but I may just have to pull a repeat and have the same for lunch here in a hot minute. But with more cheese on the sandwiches this time, I tried to be reasonable with my cheese allocation last night but that was a dumb decision and I was slightly disappointed with the result.

    1. Sarah - You can never have "too much" cheese! It is one of the essential truths of the universe! Especially when you're pregnant! Enjoy your extra cheesy grilled cheeses ;)