Friday, November 7, 2014

diamonds = love

i recently had to tell my husband that he was hereafter prohibited from purchasing jewelry for me without first seeking guidance from a select few friends. and that reminded me that this (below) happened and it made me LOL (well, more like, CQTM (chuckle quietly to myself)).

one of my most favorite friends wrote this email to my husband:

don't ask why i am perusing the tiffany and co website at 7:30am... i swear i was on nytimes reading about something important like libya and there was an ad and i clicked on it... anyway, your wife (one of my favorite people in this world) would really love this ring... ya know, if you were looking for a $1400 present for a random monday.... [link to tiffany ring was included here]

his reply:

I call shenanigans.  Here are my guesses as to what's really going on here:

1) 55% probability:  Mack linked to this, or mentioned something about it randomly on facebook, pinterest, instagram, or some other website I know nothing about. You saw it, and are trying to be a good friend because she has also mentioned that my present buying over the last few years has fallen short of expectations (I admit, it has).

2) 35% probability:  Mack specifically asked you to email and me and "casually mention" this ring.

3) 9% probability:  Your smartphone fell down and accidentally typed this email out.

4) 0.9% probability:  You were actually on purposefully for your own reasons and, despite your bleeding heart, Peace Corps, Haiti-friendly beliefs, "diamonds = love" is hard-wired into every female's DNA.

5)  0.1% probability:  What you say happened happened (you just found yourself on randomly).

That said, I am certainly appreciative of the suggestion.  I would love to get her something she would love. I feel like I haven't successfully accomplished that in forever. Maybe they will let me buy this ring in parts :)


She forwarded it to me and said, "will you please tell him it really was the 0.1%?!"
haha. he can be kinda funny sometimes. but don't tell him i said so ;)


  1. Dude I want your friends - I am only looking for a $100 ring from Dr. Evil (for our 15th anniversary he tried to kick the bucket and spent a couple of weeks on life support so I wore his ring during that time.) Now that he's recovered, I want an anniversary band (we're at 17 years next month) that is the same as our wedding bands...pretty cheap, right?!?! I need her to email my Dr. Evil!!!

    Thanks for hooking up with A Mother Life's Hump Day Hook up!

    1. Oh no! That is so scary! I'm so glad he pulled through! $100 sounds completely reasonable to me. 17! Wowsah!

      My friend is on crack. The hubs would no sooner buy me a $1400 ring from Tiffany's than sell his kidney to a stranger on E-bay. Actually he's probably much more likely to do the latter, depending on how much they're willing to pay ;) The only reason I got such a nice engagement ring is because his parents are old-school Persian and that's how they do ;) He doesn't mind spending money on certain things, but a diamond isn't one of them!

  2. I hope you get your ring. :) Visiting from the Hump Day Hook Up. (I know it's Thursday. I'm slow...) Nice to meet ya. xoxo Jane